Replacing Your Vaccination Card/Documentation

Updated 01/24/2022

There are a number of ways you can replace your vaccine card. The options below can help you replace lost or damaged vaccination cards/documentation.

Return to the provider who administered your vaccine:

The medical provider who administered your COVID-19 vaccine will be able to provide a record of your COVID-19 vaccine. If you are fully vaccinated and received your first and second dose from different providers, you can speak to your primary care physician or utilize Alert IIS, detailed below.

Request a copy of your record from your primary care physician:

Your primary care physician will have access to your vaccination records and will be able to provide you with replacement documentation.​

 Request a copy yourself using the Alert IIS website:

If you received your second dose at a different location from your first, you should contact your primary care provider or utilize Alert IIS to receive replacement documentation.

The public can also call 211 for further information and assistance in other languages.