County Counsel Home

Vance M. Croney, County Counsel
The Office of County Counsel provides legal advice to the Board of Commissioners and county officials on civil matters. County Counsel represents Benton County in all civil, administrative and enforcement proceedings. County Counsel is responsible for drafting ordinances and reviewing contracts and other agreements.

To contact the Office of County Counsel, please call 541-766-6890.

This office cannot provide legal advice to the citizenry on any legal matters. Citizens looking for legal consultation should contact a private attorney.

Assigned Duties of the County Counsel's Office
County Counsel manages the Benton County Charter (PDF).  Benton County is one of eight counties in Oregon governed by a voter-approved charter. This charter grants greater flexibility to the citizens on how county government is structured and managed. The charter was first adopted in 1972 and is reviewed by a citizen committee bi-annually. Any changes to the charter must be presented to the voters for approval. The charter was last amended in 2003.

While the charter provides structure for how the county is governed, the Benton County Code is a compilation of ordinances for how citizens and their government do business. The Benton County Development Code is the compilation of land use ordinances administered by the Community Development Department.