Waste Prevention

Oregon DEQ Waste Hierarchy

Waste Prevention

Preventing waste is just as important as proper disposal of waste. We can stop waste before creating it. Materials have carbon footprints before they make it to their “end-of-life”, and to reduce that impact on our environment, here are some tips:

  • Before buying, think “do I need this item?”
  • Rent or borrow items that you might not need often.
  • Prioritize shopping for pre-owned products whenever possible.
  • Shop locally, reducing shipping and packaging waste.
  • Buy high quality products which will last a long time and can be repaired.
  • Look for package-free or reduced packaging options.
  • Repair and re-use items instead of discarding.
  • Donate usable items instead of discarding.

Benton County’s Materials Management program aims to help our communities prevent waste before it occurs. Watch this video from DEQ to learn more:


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