Sustainability Policy

Benton County Sustainability Project – Policy

Benton County government must simultaneously meet environmental, economic, and community needs throughout our county. We must use, develop and protect our resources at a rate and in a manner that enables people to meet their current needs and also preserve resources for future generations by:

  • Reducing adverse impacts on natural habitats and species.
  • Increasing the efficiency with which land, energy, water and other natural resources are used.
  • Increasing the economic prosperity and well-being of all Benton County communities.
  • Reducing releases to air, water and land of substances harmful to human health.

Benton County Sustainability Policy and Procedures (2014)

Final Board of Commissioners approved  Sustainability Policy (below).


Benton County Board of Commissioners developed and adopted the first Benton County Sustainability Policy in 2002. The policy directed development of a Sustainability Committee to implement Sustainability Policy Goals. Current policy focuses on improving internal operations to improve economic, environmental, and social sustainability at Benton County.

The Benton County Sustainability Committee began reviewing the current policy to update the goals and objectives in 2012. During 2014, the Benton County Sustainability Committee finalized updates to the Benton County Sustainability Policy (update 2014; currently being finalized).  Updates included:

  • Incorporating sustainability metrics to track county sustainability progress (waste management, energy, transportation, health and wellness);
  • Focus on developing and implementing projects that advance sustainability goals;
  • Provide support for county departments to implement sustainability goals across work divisions.


Provide your comments to the Project Coordinator to update Benton County Sustainability Policy.