Stormwater Resources

Benton County Stormwater Program – Links & Resources

The following websites, documents, and other information were compiled to provide information to members of the public, local businesses and organizations, and others interested in additional stormwater resources. The following categories of helpful information were developed based on public comments from community meetings and other input received since 2007 to the present.

Environmental Resources

Learn more about the City of Corvallis's Stormwater Program, and public transportation options that can help reduce pollutants that end up in the environment.


Outside Agency Stormwater Standards

Stormwater Standards for municipalities within Benton County.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Stormwater Program

Information about the US EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program under which Benton County is permitted.



Reduce Pollution with Public Transportation

Reduce your fossil fuel dependence and reduce transportation-related pollutants, including mercury:  Consider riding Corvallis' FREE transit system! or Benton Area Transit.

Visit the Benton County Hazardous waste page to learn how to dispose of hazardous waste.



Learn more about the stormwater program boundaries, facilities, and other important geographic information related to the Benton County Stormwater Program.


Rain Gardens

Learn about the OSU-Benton County Stormwater Research Facility located at Public Works, and how you can harvest and use stormwater to reduce your water use and reduce pollutants that might otherwise impact our waterways.


US EPA - National Pollution Discharge Elimination System

The US EPA Stormwater Web site provides comprehensive background information on the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System.


Outside Agency Stormwater Standards