Stormwater Public Education & Outreach

Stormwater Wetlands Project

Since 2007 Benton County staff has led and/or participated in various local and regional events to share information about stormwater, water quality, and the Benton County Stormwater Program. Check out our stormwater story map to learn more about stormwater features in Benton County: Benton MS4 NPDES.

Stormwater Program staff has learned that the best way to share this information is to get involved at annual events and share stormwater information! These events include:

  • Benton County Fair
  • Kids Day for Conservation
  • Watershed Tours
  • Community Meetings
  • Association Meetings
  • Council Meetings

Benton County staff has tracked participation and interest (current outreach and education events list), in order to improve the education and outreach effectiveness. In addition, county divisions and departments are working to make the community aware of the importance of stormwater quality and best management practices through:

  • General and specific facts on stormwater (see Resources section)
  • Consultation regarding stormwater management
  • Shared understanding of current local and state regulations for stormwater and water quality

These combined efforts are working together to improve awareness and encourage positive impacts to improve stormwater and water quality in Benton County.

Want to learn how you can help? 

Take a look at these informational flyers to learn more about our Stormwater Program and the steps you can take at home to help keep our Stormwater pollutant-free! Click on the title of the flyer you would like to view to open it in a new tab - from here you can download and print the flyer to keep.