Stormwater - Illicit Discharge Detection (Control Measure 3)


Benton County staff in the departments of Environmental Health, Community Development and Public Works developed an Illicit (non-stormwater) Discharge Ordinance to address:

  • Discharges to the County separate storm sewer system ("MS4") that are not composed entirely of stormwater runoff contribute to increased nonpoint source pollution and degradation of receiving waters
  • Non-stormwater discharges that occur due to spills, dumping and improper connections to the county separate storm sewer system from residential, industrial, commercial or institutional establishments
  • Non-stormwater discharges impacting individual waterways as well as geographically dispersed, small volume non-stormwater discharges having cumulative impacts on receiving waters;
  • Discharges that adversely affect public health and safety, drinking water supplies, recreation, fish and other aquatic life, property values and other uses of lands and waters.

The impacts listed above can be minimized through the regulation of spills, dumping and discharges into the County's separate storm sewer system.

For more information please contact Benton County Engineering and Survey, (541) 766-6821