Riparian And Wetlands Project Inventory Updates

This page provides the most current and past project inventory reports. The inventory is updated as new information is produced and collected by project staff.

Benton County Voluntary Program for Riparian Resources - Monitoring Protocol, Findings

Project staff are currently working with Advisory Group members with intern support from Oregon State University-Biological Engineering to finalize a protocol for monitoring riparian vegetation cover.  A final draft of the monitoring protocol will be provided for review. 

Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Inventory Report (5/8/11 draft)

Review the full Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Inventory Report (below)

The first Draft Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Inventory Report was released for public review on 12/17/10; notice was provided via email, project website, and local newspapers and newsletters. Public comments were provided by county landowners and residents, Riparian and Wetland Advisory Group participants, State/local government, and many others. In addition, Benton County held additional community meetings with approximately one-hundred attendees in the community of Alsea, to share project work to date, and was provided with additional input on improving the draft report.

Ongoing Listening Sessions led by a Benton County graduate student intern, also provided landowners with additional one-on-one discussions to learn more about the project and provide ideas for improving the inventory and any proposed code.

Based on the range of input received from December 2010 to April 2011, several updates to the Draft Inventory were completed by project staff.

Draft Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Inventory Report (Draft)

Review the previous Benton County Riparian and Wetlands Inventory Report (12/17/2010) (below)

Review the Executive Summary of the Inventory (below)

The Inventory was developed from 2009 to December 2010 by direct support and/or participation from Benton County landowners, county staff, Benton Soil and Water Conservation District, City of Adair Village, City of Monroe, Mary's River Watershed Council, Audubon Society of Corvallis, Oregon Department of Agriculture Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Oregon Department of Forestry, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Funding was provided through the awarding of a competitive grant from the Wetlands Program Development Program, within US EPA Region 10 to Benton County Community Development Department and in-kind staff and volunteer support. The inventory was requested by county residents during the 2007 Benton County Comprehensive Plan update.