Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Benton County's first Community Wildfire Protection Plan was approved by the Board of Commissioners in June of 2009, following a year-long public review process that included agency collaboration, public workshops at various county locations and solicitation of public input.

In October of 2016, an update of the CWPP was approved by the Board of Commissioners.  This update was the result of a collaborative process involving agencies and individuals with expertise and experience in wildfire issues, and includes current new data, a description of major accomplishments, and emergent issues.  

The county's new 2023-2028 Community Wildfire Protection Plan is linked below. The Board of County Commissioners approved the report on February 21, 2023. 
2023-2028 CWPP
Appendix A: Resources and Funding
Appendix B: Advisory Committee Member List
Appendix C: Community Fire Risk Assessment
Appendix D: Review of prior Task Lists
Appendix E: County's Fire History
Appendix F: Public Outreach Results
Appendix G: Project Tables