BCTT Subcommittee - C.1. Sustainable Materials Management Plan (SMMP)

BCTT Subcommittee - C.1. Sustainable Materials Management Plan (SMMP)

Charge C: Long Term Sustainable Materials Management Plan (SMMP) tasks

1) Contracting out;
2) Subjects to be covered;
3) (Moved from Common Understandings) Benefit-Cost Topics are only Outlined
4) (New) Add in Vision 2040 and related County documents with similar from other counties referenced
5) Who needs to be at the table beyond those in the County;
6) A workplan outline with a timeline for completion;
7) Topics covered in recent similar planning efforts across the state; and
8) What “lessons learned” should be brought forward in this process.

Includes necessary foundational “common understandings” and protocols needed before beginning the actual planning process.

NOTE: This charge does not include completing the plan. It only includes a discussion of the preliminary scoping to start that planning process.

Possible Amendment for BOC Consideration: If there is sufficient time to complete the original Charge and the following activities, subcommittee to provide recommendations on:

  1. the most important topics/subjects from the draft of the SWMP Table of Contents;
  2. the brainstormed options for those topics/subjects; and
  3. the reasoning, both pro and con, for their selection.

Subcommittee Members

  • Brian May
  • Sean McGuire
  • John Deuel
  • Marge Popp
  • Ken Eklund
  • Daniel Redick
  • Ryan McAlister

Relevant Documents and Resources:

Working Documents:

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