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Submit Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing Permits Online

Benton County is now using the State of Oregon's ePermitting software program to process certain types of permits. However, submitting applications online is currently limited to licensed contractors.

Licensed contractors may submit the following permits online using ePermitting:

  • Electrical, when no plan review is required
  • Mechanical, when no plan review is required
  • Plumbing, when no plan review is required

The following permits must still be submitted to our office in person:

  • Structural building permits
  • Any permits that would require plan review

Using ePermitting licensed contractors can make online purchases of Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits that do not require a plan review. For additional information about ePermitting please visit the State of Oregon’s ePermitting website at

Search Active & Recent (years 2001 to today) Permits


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Oregon's ePermitting system allows anyone to search for permits that have been uploaded by a participating jurisdiction. Benton County was able to upload all building permits from 2001 to today into the system. Please visit the State of Oregon’s ePermitting website at and use the search tool to discover the following information:

  • Permit Status
  • Outstanding Actions
  • Fees Due
  • Inspections