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Submit Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing Permits Online

Benton County is now using the State of Oregon's ePermitting software program to process certain types of permits.

The following permits may be accepted online using ePermitting:

  • Electrical, when no plan review is required
  • Mechanical, when no plan review is required
  • Plumbing, when no plan review is required

The following permits must still be submitted to our office in person:

  • Structural building permits
  • Any permits that would require plan review

Using ePermitting licensed contractors can make online purchases of Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits that do not require a plan review. For additional information about ePermitting please visit the State of Oregon’s ePermitting website at https://aca.oregon.accela.com/oregon/.

Search Active & Recent (years 2001 to today) Permits


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Oregon's ePermitting system allows anyone to search for permits that have been uploaded by a participating jurisdiction. Benton County was able to upload all building permits from 2001 to today into the system. Please visit the State of Oregon’s ePermitting website at https://aca.oregon.accela.com/oregon/ and use the search tool to discover the following information:

  • Permit Status
  • Outstanding Actions
  • Fees Due
  • Inspections