Building Permit Process & Application Forms

Submitting a Permit

                                                COVID Protocol Effective January 10, 2022

General services and inquiries are available by email and phone from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Remote meetings and in-person services are available by appointment from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Please call 541-766-6819 or email to to schedule appointments or ask questions in advance.

We are also accepting emailed permits and can take payment from credit or debit cards electronicaly or over the phone.

Licensed Contractors may submit Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing permits via Oregon E-permitting (this option is currently not available for building permits or to unlicensed individuals).

For the following permit application types, please proceed to Step 1 below:​

Step 1. Initial Screening of Site Plan for compliance with zoning and land use regulations:

Site Plans (otherwise known as plot plans) provide the permit reviewers with a map of the existing conditions on your property including where existing structures are located, and where your proposed project will be occurring in relation to them.

Please email a complete Site Plan no larger than 11"x 17" along with a narrative statement including the following information to  

  • Street address (if no address has been assigned, the road name and a 12-digit map & tax lot number will be required);
  • Detailed description of work (e.g. Pole building 20 'x 80' for forestry operation,  20'x 40' detached garage/shop, Remove existing manufactured home and replace with new site built home, Replace existing deck and add 5'x8' to existing footprint etc.);
  • The category of construction (e.g. commercial, residential, or government)
  • Construction proposal (new, alteration of existing, addition to, remodel existing)

Upon submittal you will receive a confirmation response and instructions from a Planning Technician with additional information.

Step 2. Receiving stamped site plan (please note you will not be able to progress to Step 3 without a stamped site plan):

Once initial screening of your site plan has been completed, you will receive an email with an electronic stamp on your site plan indicating “Initial Zoning Compliance Screening Completed,” along with important instructions for proceeding to submitting your building permit application.

Step 3. Submitting your application for permit:

Important note:  You will be required to submit the specific site plan which was processed in step 2 above.  Applications will not be accepted without being accompanied by this screened site plan.

Due to COVID -19 restrictions we are asking for you to submit by appointment only.  Please call 541-766-6819 and ask to schedule an appointment with a Permit Technician to submit for permit and have your application submittals reviewed for completeness.  

Quick Links: Site Plan Checklist, Sample Plans and Permit Fee Estimator