Public Works visits local schools and celebrates National Public Works Week

Erik Remington, Public Works staff, showing off a mower and backhoe to Hoover Elementary School students.

The Benton County Public Works Department has participated in the national Public Works Week celebration for the past two years. This year, Public Works will visit Monroe, Franklin, Lincoln, and Hoover schools beginning on May 22, 2017.

The two primary focus areas of the celebration in Benton County are youth outreach and staff appreciation.

In the past two years, Public Works staff visited seven elementary schools across Benton County to engage with local kids and teach them about the services Public Works departments provide. County staff brings each student a Public Works Paws comic book and a balloon, and then shows off large-scale machinery, equipment and answers questions.

“Getting involved with schools in our county has been such a worthwhile experience. Last year we visited Alsea, Hoover, Lincoln and Franklin Elementary schools. This year we were asked to come back to two schools we attended before, which was great. We’re happy that we made a positive impression and the activities were worthwhile for the schools and kids,” said Josh Wheeler, Public Works Director.

“I think the more we connect and do outreach with these kids, the more understanding future generations of Oregonians will have about the necessity for public works projects to sustain and improve the environments where they live, work and play. Plus, we really have a lot of fun too.”

Benton County also marks the week with a declaration from the Board of Commissioners, and by hosting an appreciation BBQ and picnic for Public Works staff.

In the future, the county hopes to add to the annual activities and add an interactive event that is co-hosted by Benton County and the city of Corvallis, the county seat.

Beginning in 1960, the American Public Works Association has hosted a National Public Works Week across North America. The goal of the week is to energize and educate North American communities about the planning, building, managing and operating undertaken by Public Works departments to improve the everyday quality of life for the public.

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Public Works Appreciation BBQ and Picnic
Public Works Appreciation BBQ and Picnic
Public Works staff and Thank you card