Pat Malone, Commissioner

Commissioner Pat Malone

A fifth generation Oregonian, local entrepreneur and involved community volunteer, Pat Malone was elected to the Board of Commissioners in November 2018 and took office in January 2019.

Pat and his wife Betty actively run and own Sunrise Tree Farm, where they sell Christmas trees and timber. Malone has a MFA and BA in History from the University of Oregon, and previously worked at Portland Community College as an Instructor and at the University of Oregon as a Teaching Assistant.

His prior governmental experience includes serving on the following: Benton County Soil and Water Conservation Board; Workforce Development Board (Northwest Oregon Works); Benton County Committees: Law Enforcement Review Committee, Charter Review, Extension Advisory, Forestland Classification, Bicycle Advisory; LBCC Budget Committee; Kings Valley Fire Department Chief; Oregon Department of Agriculture, Christmas Tree Advisory Committee. Malone has volunteered with: Kings Valley Rural Fire Protection District; Agricultural Research Foundation Board, OSU; Kings Valley Area Association; PNW Christmas Tree Association Board; Benton County Democrats.

As Commissioner, Malone has committed to take the long term view and apply his stewardship skills to promote a clean, safe and sustainable county environment, nurture community involvement to build consensus, bring his business acumen and experience advocating to the capital to promote government efficiency and responsiveness. 

Commissioner Malone can be reached by email at or phone at 541-766-6800.

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Commissioner Pat Malone

Pat Malone credits his resourcefulness to the time when he was graduate student at the University of Oregon. Malone was studying applied arts, a program that shared space with the architecture department, emphasis on architecture.

Although applied arts was housed in a brand new building, there wasn’t any equipment to do ceramics.  The instructors decided to buy tools and materials and have the students build the interior of the shop along with kilns and wheels.

“Look around,” he was told. “See what you can figure out.”

Commissioner Pat Malone and Sheriff Scott Jackson take oath of office, administered by presiding Judge Williams

On Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Benton County Courthouse, Sheriff Scott Jackson and Commissioner Pat Malone were sworn into office by presiding Judge Williams.

This marks the beginning of Commissioner Malone's first term and Sheriff Jackson’s second term. In July 2013, Jackson was unanimously appointed by the Board of Commissioners to fulfill retiring Sheriff Simpson's term of office, and in 2014 was elected Sheriff by the voters of Benton County. Sheriff Jackson is Benton County's 30th Sheriff.