North Albany County Park Hazard Tree Removal to start

North Albany hazard tree removal to start
Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ongoing Douglas Fir Tree die-off in North Albany County Park, has prompted the Benton County Natural Areas and Parks Department to start a hazard tree removal project this September. The county will be contracting with Miller Timber Services, Inc. to safely complete logging of all dead and dying Douglas Fir trees within the main park areas. 

Work is scheduled to begin September 16 and conclude September 20 after felling, sorting, and trucking occurs. An estimated 50-60 hazard trees that pose a safety risk will be removed. No logging will occur within the North Albany Natural Area during this project. All merchantable logs will be sent to local mills in Philomath, and any revenue will help to offset project costs.

Throughout the Willamette Valley, low elevation Douglas Fir die-off continues to occur. County staff will continue multi-phase logging projects within all parks experiencing these issues now and into the future. Replanting with increasingly drought tolerant trees will occur with support from the North Albany Park Friends Group. 

For more information contact Adam Stebbins, Benton County Natural Resources Coordinator at 541-250-6209 or