Introducing Benton County's new brand

Vertical Benton County logo
Friday, January 1, 2021

Benton County's new brand and visual identity launched today with a new logo, color palette and branded fonts. The County specifically focused on the new branding theme feeling modernized, dynamic and built around the community it serves.

Users of the county website will notice an updated look that corresponds with the branding effort. Though the colors and fonts have changed to align with the brand, the content and layout of the website have remained the same. In addition to changes to the website, the County has released a brand launch video and shifted its' social media profiles to the new logo and brand colors.

Benton County is committed to a sustainability-focused brand launch. While digital logos, fonts and colors will be shifted immediately, branded physical items will be replaced at the end of their lifespan. 

“Having a consistent, professional and polished visual aesthetic can help advance the reputation of the services we provide,” said Joe Kerby, Benton County Administrator. “The County logo has not been refined or even altered in over thirty years, so we decided to look at our entire brand and bring it in alignment with our communities’ values and vision.”

The current County logo was launched in 1988 as part of the centennial celebration.