Free Linn Benton Salmon Watch Trainings available

A fish biologist shows salmon to kiddos

Imagine sharing the wonder of salmon migration with children as they witness the final stage of salmon’s epic journey for the first time. Visualize the look on a student’s face as an osprey swoops down and snatches a fish from the river before their very eyes. Relive the time you spent exploring streams as a kid as you guide youth through the process of collecting nymphs, snails, and crawdads. These moments are yours to experience when you sign up as a Salmon Watch volunteer. Field trips are scheduled to align with the salmon life cycle: September-early October field trips are held in Sweet Home and mid-October-early November field trips are held in Alsea.

Sign up for one of a Volunteer Training

Linn Benton Salmon Watch invites you to attend a free training specially designed to prepare volunteers for field trips. You’ll learn how to teach watershed topics and get ready to work with kids outside. A fish biologist will describe the salmon life cycle and you will get to practice two of these three lessons: 1) water quality, 2) riparian ecology, and 3) macroinvertebrate sampling.

Each volunteer will receive a packet including Salmon Watch curriculum and tips for teaching youth. Refreshments will be provided!

Get hands-on with the station activities at one of the volunteer trainings listed below.

August 23, 12-4pm at the Old Mill Center, Corvallis
September 7, 9am-1pm at Albany Senior Center, Albany
September 29, 9am-1pm at Clemens Park, Alsea

Visit this webpage to sign up for a training:

Sign up for a Field Trip!

Salmon Watch is fueled by the power of volunteers and we need Spanish speaking volunteers to run the bilingual trips for our local immersion students! The dates are set for four Spanish-language Salmon Watch field trips this fall.

October 2, 10am-1pm, Wiley Park in Sweet Home with South Shore Elementary
October 3, 10am-1pm, Wiley Park in Sweet Home with South Shore Elementary
October 9, 9:30am-1:30pm, Clemens Park in Alsea with Garfield Elementary
November 8, 9:30am-1:30pm, Clemens Park in Alsea with Lincoln Elementary

Visit this webpage to sign up for both English and Spanish language field trips:

Linn Benton Salmon Watch Steering Committee includes representatives from Benton Soil & Water Conservation District, Calapooia Watersehd Council, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Siuslaw National Forest, and several volunteers. We’ll see you at the river’s edge.

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Kiddos performing experiment
Kiddos looking in the water