County releases natural hazard progress report

Report showing charts and a bar graph
Friday, October 12, 2018

A report outlining Benton County’s progress regarding natural hazard mitigation and response is available for public review.

The Benton County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan – a summary of progress made toward completing goals to improve functionality during a hazard event – is available online.

The Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (NHMP), adopted by a resolution of the Benton County Board of Commissioners in July 2016, is the product of a community effort that included steering committee discussions and examining potential natural hazards and ways to mitigate them. The 2016 Benton County NHMP was prepared in accordance with 44 Code of Federal Regulations Part 201, and was approved by both the State Hazard Mitigation Officer and FEMA Region X. Topics include multi-hazard response, earthquakes, flooding, landslides, winter storms, wind storms, wildfire and drought.

Steering committee members from Benton County’s Emergency Services Division, Community Development Department, Public Works Department, and other departments collaborated to discuss the progress of each high priority action item outlined in the 2016 Benton County NHMP.

Benton County submits this report annually and continues to work towards completing the steps outlined in the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan to enable the county to be more resilient during hazard events. Meetings are set with the state National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator (Nov. 2018) and the Insurance Services Office Community Rating System Senior Floodplain Specialist (Dec. 2018) to review the importance and role of floodplain management in Benton County, the county’s current Community Rating System, and ways to improve this rating to a Class 6 or better.

The complete adopted Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan can be viewed online at