County partners with Benton Community Foundation to offer emergency grants

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Grants are available to local social service nonprofit organizations in Benton County through a new emergency loan fund coordinated by the Benton Community Foundation to assist nonprofits suffering economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Benton Community Foundation received $100,000 from Benton County to support social service non-profits by the end of July. Grants will be distributed in Benton County and the immediate surrounding area over the next 1-6 months, providing for immediate and emerging needs as well as for the long-term financial stability of local nonprofits.

The grant program will provide grants up to $5,000 each. Requests will be considered for organizations whose services have been directly affected by the pandemic—i.e., programs have expanded to meet local basic needs—as well as organizations experiencing revenue hardships related to social distancing protocols. The most immediate grants will support the most time-sensitive needs, while future grants will be aimed at offsetting long-term revenue disruptions, such as loss of revenue from cancelled fundraisers.

“The County funds are infusing vital financial support that is necessary to help non-profits meet the urgent needs of their clients. With this large infusion of funding, the County will provide an additional two months of financial support that is vital for local non-profits and the vulnerable populations affected by this pandemic,” said Chris Quaka, President and CEO of the Benton Community Foundation. “BCF is proud to partner with Benton County to provide funding that helps people access food, shelter, and the health resources necessary to keep our community safe.”

The initial rounds of grants from the fund were disbursed in March and April to these local nonprofits:

  • Jeni’s Place- Alsea Foodbank: $3,000
  • Marys River Gleaners: $1,500
  • Coastal Range Food Bank: $2,000
  • Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis: $5,000
  • Alsea Valley Gleaners: $5,000
  • ABC House: $5,000
  • Dial-A-Bus Mobile Meal Program: $5,000
  • South Benton Food Pantry: $5,000
  • Stone Soup: $5,000
  • Casa Latinos Unidos: $5,000
  • We Care: $15,000
  • United Way: $50,000

These grants total to the amount of $106,500 as of April 30th.

The next round of grants will be disbursed in May, June and July.

For any additional information please see the Benton Community Foundation’s website at: