About the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the elected body that oversees all Benton County operations. Unlike the separation of powers at the state and federal levels, commissioners act as executives, legislators and as a quasi-judicial panel.

Working for You
Benton County Commissioners serve the community in many ways. As legislators, commissioners enact ordinances that enforce countywide laws. As executives, they direct and evaluate appointed department heads and as a quasi-judicial panel, they render judgments in land use issues.

But that's not all. Benton County Commissioners, as the county's governing body, allocate resources and adopt the county budget, negotiate contracts, bargain with labor organizations and enact policies to deliver services. They also advocate for Benton County interests at the Oregon State Legislature and address the concerns of county residents.

Commissioners must work within the Oregon Revised Statutes framework to provide local residents with services, which means they must be adept at working with state and federal officials.

In addition to their responsibilities on the board, each Benton County Commissioner serves on a number of different committees and commissions, continuing in their resolve to serve the community they represent.