Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Project Stakeholders & Advisors

A Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Advisory Group has been and will be used to provide the County with an independent community perspective on preferred routes connecting Albany and Corvallis for pedestrians and bicyclists. Members will include people who are invested in the outcome of the route selection and bikeway design: route neighbors—property owners and the farming community; pathway users; Highway 20 users; health and environmental interest groups; and others.

This stakeholder advisory groups were and will be expected to engage with informational materials and committee peers; disseminate information to neighbors and interested community organizations; and, present recommendations to the Benton County Board of Commissioners.


The following is a list of Phase 3 Members who will attend monthly meetings from Oct. 2017 - Feb. 2018.

Phase 3 Stakeholder Committee : To be determined. We are looking for users of highway 20 (auto, bicycle, truck, etc.) and potentially impacted property owners. Interested? Contact Gary Stockhoff at Gary.Stockhoff@Co.Benton.OR.US or 541-766-6821. 

Phase 3 Technical Committee : To be determined.


The following is a list of Phase 2 Members who attended monthly meetings from Jan. - Apr. 2017.

Phase 2 Stakeholders

Bob Durst Recreation / Bike Advisory Committee
Chris Foulke Commuting
Patrick Hayes General Citizen
Byron Cook Farming
Kenny Reynolds Farming
Michael McGowen General Citizen
Rick Robinson Trucking / Roads Advisory Committee
Jennifer Ward Environmental Issues Advisory Committee / North Albany Resident
Kevin Grant Corvallis Transportation Action Team
Mary Pat Parker Tourism
Mac Gillespie Health


Phase 2 Liaisons

Jenna Berman Oregon Dept of Transportation
Gary Stockhoff Benton County Public Works
Laurie Starha Benton County Natural Areas & Parks
Greg Wilson Corvallis Public Works
Ron Irish Albany Public Works
Lee Lazaro Transit
Jim Patton Corvallis Fire Department
Scott Jackson Benton County Sheriff's Office

The liaisons will attend meetings and act as advisors to the project.