Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Project

People walking and biking down a tree-lined pathway

The Corvallis-Albany Bikeway Project will offer a new connection for pedestrians and cyclists to travel between the North Albany area and Downtown Corvallis.

We’re excited to share with you that Benton County is continuing to move forward with a U.S. 20 community connection route between Corvallis and Albany.

In April of 2017, after extensive community outreach to property owners, community members, Bicycle Advisory committee members, and other stakeholders, the Benton County Board of Commissioners directed staff to focus on a final destination for a connective path along U.S. 20.

The Pilkington to Merloy Connection is moving forward! The continuation of this connection was made possible by a Community Paths Grant awarded to the County in 2021. Construction of the Pilkington to Merloy connection is tentatively scheduled for 2024. Benton County has contracted with David Evans and Associates to provide preliminary design services and right-of-way acquisition assistance.

The North Albany Connection between Hickory and Rainwater is also moving forward!  David Evans and Associates is also working on this segment of the project. After denial by the Union Pacific Railroad of a proposal to have the path go under the existing railroad, staff and the consultant looked for other options for a temporary connection. The proposal is to end the path at Rainwater to at least provide a connection to U.S. 20 and move this project into right-of-way negotiation and construction.

North Albany Refinement Plan - The County was successful in obtaining additional Community Paths Grant funding to further refine the alignment between Rainwater and Scenic. The eventual alignment may include going over or under the highway!  The County continues to work closely with ODOT as this collaborative effort will ensure that the vision for the community connections from Corvallis to Albany can be realized.


Bicycling Children

The Corvallis-Albany Bikeway project has been divided into a 3 phased approach. The 1st phase identified the need and potential for use. The 2nd phase will assess the possible routes to narrow the options to 1. And the 3rd phase will focus on preliminary engineering of the bikeway along the selected route.

Highway 20 Route Map
Above: Map of Corvallis-Albany Bikeway from Corvallis to North Albany.

This project will be completed in multiple phases. To learn more about each phase, please visit the "Project Phases" page.