2023-25 Budget Committee

Calendar Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 2023 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

This meeting has ended; to view the recording of this meeting, please click here.



Benton County

Benton County Library Services County Service District

Benton County 911 Emergency Communications Services County Service District


Review of Proposed 2023-25 Biennium Budgets

Notice is hereby given that the Budget Committees for Benton County, Benton County Library Services County Services District, and the Benton County 911 Emergency Communications Services County Service District will meet at the times and dates listed below. The purpose of the meetings is to review and deliberate on the proposed biennium budget of all entities, which begins July 1, 2023, and ends on June 30, 2025. The committee will receive public comment, approve a budget, and set the annual maximum tax levy for the county and service districts. All meetings will be held at the Benton County offices, Kalapuya Building, located at 4500 SW Research Way, in the Holmes & Shipley Public Meeting Rooms; virtual attendance options are available, and will be posted on the Benton County Budget Committee website.

The Budget Committee for the Library Services County Service District and the 911 Emergency Communications Services County Service District is expected to meet only once on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 to receive the budget, conduct a public hearing, deliberate, and approve the districts’ budget and tax levy. All other meetings listed below are to review the Benton County budget.

All meetings of the Budget Committee are public meetings, and public comment on any aspect of the County budget will be heard at the designated hearing times. At all other times, public comment on the budget may be accepted at the discretion of the Chair, time permitting. All meetings are scheduled for three (3) hours.

A complete set of agendas, this notice, and additional meeting details may be viewed on the County’s website at https://www.co.benton.or.us/budgetoffice. and by navigating to the Budget Committee page, and additionally at https://www.co.benton.or.us/meetings. The proposed Budget Documents will be available on the County Website by April 14, 2023. Changes or adjustments announced to the budget committee agenda or schedule will also be available on the website.

Information may also be obtained by calling the Benton County Financial Services Department at (541) 766-6767 or e-mailing: budget@bentoncountyor.gov.