Department of Assessment

Our office is open to the public by appointment only with limited staffing. You must follow these conditions to enter:


* If you are showing COVID-19 like symptoms, do not come into this facility.

* Wearing of masks by the Public is required when entering this building.

* Please maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

* Be prepared to give information for contact tracing, name, telephone number and/or email address.

Please contact us during business hours to schedule an appointment: 541-766-6855.

What Is The Assessment Department Responsible For?

  • Assess all properties in Benton county as of January 1, of each year. Did a Benton County Appraiser visit you?
  • Administer special programs such as special assessments, senior deferral, veteran and active duty military exemptions, enterprise zones, and various other property tax exemptions.
  • Maps.
  • Property information and ownership.
  • Review taxing district budgets, compute tax rates for districts and assures that distribution of the tax levies are uniform.

Understanding Measure 50 And Your Taxable Value:

Above video courtesy of Deschutes County, Oregon

What do Property Taxes Pay For?